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Lots of Lift

Balloon over I-70, Frederick, MD, USA. Credit: Anna O'Brien

Right after Thanksgiving there were a few days that started off very cold around here. During one such morning, I saw, to my surprise, a lone hot air balloon over east-bound I-70. There is a local hot air balloon company and I see them floating periodically throughout late spring to early fall but on a crisp--no, bitter---morning, I could only imagine how cold it was up there in the basket. I wondered why on earth anyone would choose this time of year to do that.

To my greater surprise, after posting the above pic on Twitter, responses came in that yes, in fact, cold weather is a great time to fly.

My favorite response was from @willpuncuate with: "Lots of lift". Allow me to be a bit saccharine and ham-fisted for a moment, but it seemed to me that response also spoke metaphorically to what we all need every now and then: a good lift. Or in some cases, lots of it.

Creative pursuits, be they writing, painting, composing, singing, drawing, researching, exploring, or whatever, can frequently be solo acts filled with self-doubt. The world is a wonderful, exciting, beautiful place but it can get lonely out there. Sometimes it's helpful to seek a boost of cold air to wake us up and give us some lift. So go ahead -- open that front door on a winter's morning. Fill your lungs like a balloon. May the inhale lift you up. Lots.

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