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Catching some low late fall sun along the Appalachian Trail in Maryland recently. The white blazes lead the way.

My husband gifted me a new word a few weeks ago, one I'd never heard of or recall seeing in print and now my laptop is reacting as incredulous as I did, giving it the red underline of warning: surely misspelled or misplaced or something, dear. But no, apricity it is, and the perfect word for this time of year:

apricity: (n) the warmth of the sun in winter

Interesting, too, that -- at least according to Merriam-Webster online -- no modern dictionary except the Oxford English Dictionary includes it. I half-confirmed this by grabbing the only physical dictionary I own, an American Heritage Dictionary (4th Edition), and yup, its absence is felt between "apreski" (social events or activities that take place after skiing) and "apricot".

As we dive into the dark cold of winter, the value of apricity to me feels like currency. Here, Mother Nature. I'll take an hour of it today, please. Name your price.

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